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Q:  Do you “crack bones” and use forceful chiropractic adjustments?

A:   No.  Dr. Jacob corrects missalignments in gentle ways that he feels are more harmonious to one’s physiology. 


Q:  Do patients have to come in repeatedly?

A:  No.  While every body is unique, by being very thorough and working to make corrections long lasting, he minimizes the amount of treatment a patient needs. Some conditions do require monitoring of progress, but he will always strive to restore a patient’s health as quickly as possible.  


Q:  Do you accept insurance? 

A:  No.  In order to best care for a patient, Dr. Jacob feels it is ideal to not have insurance companies dictate the types of treatments that are given.  Receipts may be given upon request.



Q:  Are machines, modalities or adjusting instuments used in the treatment?

A:  No.  Dr. Jacob uses a completely hands on approach when balacing the body through the use of various reflexes and acupunture points.  He believes in the magnificent design of the body and knows that it comes equipped with all it needs to heal. 

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